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The latest news in the revolutionary world of artisan and fine chocolate.

How to use real chocolate in cocktails
Fine Chocolate Cocktails

Discover the fun side of fine chocolate and alcohol in these real chocolate and cacao pulp cocktail recipes. Don’t forget to drink responsibly, buy your chocolate responsibly and have fun!

7 essential chocolate books

Chocolate enthusiasts take pride in displaying their chocolate book shelves and there are more and…

Kathryn Laverack Canopy Market
Cocoa Runners launch craft chocolate book club

The recent craft chocolate takeover at Canopy Market provided the perfect venue for the launch…

Grown up chocolate
Not all grown-up chocolate has to be dark

Milk chocolate is our nation’s favourite block chocolate. We will typically eat more than twice…

Can fine chocolate have a £4 price tag?

What are your options when buying in the £4-£5 price range

Craft Chocolate Pack Wreath
Gift ideas for UK craft chocolate lovers

Find the perfect gift for a craft chocolate lover. All gifts are available from UK makers, retailers and educators and none are actually chocolate!

Chocolate Week in a Pandemic

Easter may be the time most associated with chocolate for UK consumers, but, for the…

Lincolnshire chocolate road trip
A Lincolnshire Chocolate Road Trip

From Bean To Bar is Andrew Baker’s colourful new encyclopaedia/atlas of the UK chocolate scene. I take a look at who’s on the map in Lincolnshire and take a road trip of my own.

What would your perfect selection box look like?

Find out which selection boxes have caught my eye this season and which craft bars would feature in my personal Christmas selection box