Chocolate Education

Explore the world of chocolate through its growers, makers, retailers and educators

How to taste chocolate

To fully appreciate the craftsmanship and flavour of your fine chocolate, you first need to…

Definition of fine chocolate
What is fine about fine chocolate?

Fine chocolate is just like fine wine: there may be clues to its quality on…

Where to buy craft chocolate in the UK

Generally, buying craft chocolate is easy, but getting hold of a specific bar can be…

An exploration of nature versus nurture

For Louth Literary Coven’s November gathering, we chose an illuminating combination of literature and craft…

The politics of Normal People and craft chocolate

  The Louth Literary Coven book club members met for their late summer craft chocolate…

Lincolnshire chocolate road trip
A Lincolnshire Chocolate Road Trip

From Bean To Bar is Andrew Baker’s colourful new encyclopaedia/atlas of the UK chocolate scene. I take a look at who’s on the map in Lincolnshire and take a road trip of my own.

What is fine chocolate
Talking Terroir in Fine Chocolate

Discover how the different elements of terroir in fine cacao contribute to chocolate flavour through a fine chocolate tasting session at Louth Chocolate Tasters.

A Fine Chocolate Discovery Experience

6th September 2018. My first official Cocoa Encounters Discovery Experience event. Another opportunity to talk…