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Where The Crawdads Sing Paired with Craft Chocolate
A life lesson from nature in Where The Crawdads Sing and craft chocolate

In our March meeting of Louth Literary Coven we enjoyed an evening in the company…

Chocolate Book Club Pairing The Sense of an Ending
Sensory memories with Julian Barnes and craft chocolate

Find out what memories of chocolate and The Sense of an Ending have in common, in latest chocolate book club pairing from Cocoa Encounters.

Crossing Continents: Death & Medicine in the 16th Century

The latest craft chocolate and book pairing takes Maggie O-Farrell’s Hamnet and explores the history of chocolate and medicine, the curative powers of plants, and our relationship with the dead.

Population displacement, chocolate and honey

Discover the relationship between the brilliantly crafted, hard-hitting story of The Beekeeper of Aleppo and chocolate masterfully created with Colombian Tumaco cacao and the tastes and tones of honey. Discussed by Louth Literary Coven.

How to pair books and chocolate

Just like a good read, every fine chocolate bar has a story to tell. If…

Psychological mystery with historical, thrilling craft chocolate

For the March gathering of the Louth Literary Coven (before the lockdown!) we received a…

An exploration of nature versus nurture

For Louth Literary Coven’s November gathering, we chose an illuminating combination of literature and craft…

The politics of Normal People and craft chocolate

The Louth Literary Coven book club members met for their late summer craft chocolate and…