Primary School Workshops

How to be a Fine Chocolate Taster.

What better way for children to learn science, history, geography, citizenship and enterprise than through chocolate? And who better to teach them about chocolate than a certified chocolate taster and international chocolate judge?

Most children love chocolate and the idea of growing up to be a chocolate taster or entrepreneur opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

The Chocolate midge


I deliver workshops to individual classes or larger groups of up to 45 students. Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and sessions can be run back to back where necessary. Workshops are adapted to your year groups and tailored to focus on your choice of topics and subjects.

Cacao Tree

PART ONE: Tree to Bar

An audio and visual presentation taking students on a journey back to the Aztec empire, to the equator and the rainforest, before returning home to the chocolate factory of your local bean-to-bar maker. This section can be tailored to match your curriculum needs.

CE_Dufys Bars

PART TWO: Tasting Fine Chocolate

A practical session with group tasting exercises to identify tongue tastes and aromas. Students are then taught the art of tasting using cocoa beans and fine chocolate, and challenged to identify different flavour profiles and origins.

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Prices start at just £150 per workshop including all samples, ingredients and resources. Please contact me for availability and to request a full learning proposal.